R31 Doctor Who (The Underwater Menace)


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aka ‘Stop Piscine About’ The TARDIS crew go for a swim in their latest adventure when they discover the lost city of Atlantis! A mad mad scientist (that’s a mad scientist who’s then gone mad) with an equally mad accent has found the city and promised to raise it, but only he knows that to do it he must blow up the world! Ahahahahahaha!!! (see, i said he was mad). The Doctor tries to stop him by doing something educational with a cooking pot while Polly wanders around wearing whelks and mussels trying not to be turned in to a fish, and the boys? Well, they just prance around in tight fitting wetsuits for most of the story – clearly servicing the fetishist fantasies of the costume designer. There are big hats, big priests, dodgy disguises, dancing fish (which aren’t nearly as entertaining as they sound), a stereotypical Irishman, underwater filming without the water, one of the most clichéd cliff-hangers ever......and did I mention the mad scientist?

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