R24 Doctor Who (The Gunfighters)


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A Fistful of Time Travellers – Doctor Who meets Carry On Cowboy as the time travellers look for a dentist in Westworld. After materialising in the stables, the Doctor tries to deal with rough, tough gunslingers at the O.K. Corral by calling them ‘my good man’ and ‘young fellow’, Steven demonstrates animal cruelty by strangling a cat in the saloon and Dodo reveals herself to be a concert pianist of Chas n Dave proportions before going on the run with a murderous surgeon and a singing prostitute. Steven tries to get her back (god knows why) but ends up bound and gagged on the floor of a house in the middle of the desert surrounded by five lonely, dirty cowboys and a trainspotter with a drum kit – only Steven really knows what happened and he’s not saying (what happens in the Wild West, STAYS in the Wild West). Dodo rides back into town (shame), The doctor gets his tooth sorted out (ahhh or perhaps Arrggghh!), lots of cowboys end up dead in the street (yee haw!) and they depart, not realising that TARDIS is now trailing a steaming load of horse shit through the universe.

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