150 BUGS (A Sporting Chance - Pulse)


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After a French chauffeur lets one off in the Gizmos head office, it’s no longer fit for human habitation so they all have to find other work. Roz tries her hand at marathon running, plumbing and truck driving and, as expected, at least two people snuff it. Ed tries babysitting but the pre-teens all sneer at his lack of computer skills so he puts on a bathrobe and takes a job slapping inner city gym instructors for a paying audience. Beckett goes back to his roots and starts investigating strange goings on. What was so bad about a man that literally no-one notices when he’s blown up in-front of his colleagues? Why have two criminal brothers bought up all the paint and dye in London so that the whole city can only dress or build things in red and blue? and why is the mother of a kidnapped child only concerned that she’s not eating enough greens? He has to cut his investigations short though because someone gave Son of Kong a bazooka and some dinosaur biscuits and the sugar rush has made him go out in to the car park to blow up trees. There’s only one solution for that…..Glue!

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