148 BUGS (Manna from Heaven - Hot Metal)


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Ros has found her new calling…Road Rage Influencer; when she’s not goading violent henchman types into ramming elderly drivers in dark tunnels, she’s flying helicopters over public roads while shooting at vehicles transporting highly unstable explosive materials. It all comes back to haunt her though when she has a reaction to a bad salad. Ed meanwhile is in the most understaffed scientific research facility in the world, having to spend the whole weekend showing the worst security man ever how to wind a really big watch. He’s so keen to leave he willingly lets himself get captured by some dodgy types, tied to a chair surrounded by lasers and exploding liquid while he waits for a nasty phone call…. Oblivious to all of this, Beckett’s feeling pumped about finding a secluded spot to get crazy with a cute lab technician, unaware that she won’t do anything for less than ten million! It looks like he’ll have to cancel Gerhardt the Magician.

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