139 Children of the Stones


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A haunting documentary about Sir Mick Jagger’s eight children (by five women), five grand-children and one great grand-child…. They thought he was a drug-addled rock star, what they didn’t know was that in 1555, Nostradamus predicted he would raise an army, an army that would take over the world! The prediction goes: On December 31st, 2020. A Rolling Stones concert will take place, and the last note of the last song will transmit a signal, activating the entire Jagger clan; Having been strategically placed around the world, as one they will rise up, pout, clap their hands and walk like a chicken in such a way that no one will be able to resist their power. As each person they meet falls under their spell and becomes like them the World’s population will be turned into Jagger clones. They will build an army of spaceships and travel the universe singing Ruby Tuesday and turning any race they meet into other Jagger clones. A select few will be allowed to become David Bowies, Peter Toshs and The Jacksons, (for authentic cloned collaboration purposes) and all will be forced to watch Ned Kelly and Freejack. Forever. All Hail The Mighty Jagger! Or we could just be taking the mick.

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