136 Doctor Who (Full Circle)


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It’s a lovely day, the sun is shining, birds are singing, rivers are boiling and swamps are bubbling. The perfect day for angry men to gather river fruits, for enthusiastic men to wash plums (before they’re roasted), for rebellious teenagers to grab someone's juicy melons and for young boys to be chased through the woods by older men (not for the last time, either). And then after a tiring day, lock everyone indoors and spend the next 10 years changing all the batteries in the house. After dinner, Spider-woman breaks in through the back door and starts shaking a dead dog’s head on a stick at people, so the three most incorrectly named men in E-Space seek inspiration by turning the telly on to the Cartoon Network to watch Dexeter’s Laboratory. It’s that classic episode where Dexeter cuts into a child’s brain and causes it to go on a violent rampage before strangling Dexeter and then electrocuting itself. You remember that one. Not quite sure how it’s going to help, but you never know.

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