134 Doctor Who (Meglos)


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It’s not easy trying to create a religion based on geometrical objects, you know. The Hexagon got lost in the post, the Octagon was eaten by the cat, the Nonagon never even happened and the Pentagon’s already been copyrighted. The Tetrahedron got wedged in the lift, the Cube was sent back because it was boring, there’s a Gaztak mercenary swinging on the Trapezoid and the Dodecahedron just shrank. The only one left is the Icosahedron. But that would just be silly. The Tigellans might be able to sort it out but they’re stuck in a power triangle, Romana’s walking in circles and K-9’s just in general bad shape. Speaking of bad shape, the Doctor’s not very well. He’s looking a bit green, he’s coming out in a rash, he’s recovering from Chronic Hysteresis, someone keeps trying to steal his coat….oh, and i think he may have just sat on a cactus. Ouch.

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