130 Blake's 7 (Blake)


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The Scorpio family’s house burns down so they decide to go and stay with Granddad. But, as with all long journeys, they argue with each other so much that Mum and Dad get out and walk, taking little Vila and Dayna with them. As he’s only just passed his test, moody teen Tarrant keeps going, bumps into several other vehicles and ends up in a ditch. Trying to hitch a lift he meets a dirty looking old tramp with funny clothes and a permanent wink who offers him a bag of sweets if he’ll get in the car. So off they go. Ending up at a motorway services in the arse end of nowhere, Tarrant realises he’s been kidnapped, by his Granddad so he kicks the old guy in the nuts and runs away….straight in to the arms of his family who’ve just arrived in a car they er, borrowed from a couple of murderous hillbilly types they met living in a shed deep in the woods. Dad and Granddad have a stand-up argument about the gobby young woman he’s shacked up with who’s only after him for everything. The argument turns nasty and before you know it Grandad’s lying in a pool of his own blood and his girlfriend’s very large family (who just happen to own the services station) give the Scorpio family a right good kicking. That’s the last time they’ll get together for a family reunion.

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