125 Blake's 7 (Sand - Gold)


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Sun, Sand, Sea and Sex…well two out of four’s not bad I suppose. Tarrant goes on holiday to a timeshare he’s booked from a guy called Vern, unaware that it’s been double booked with a very image conscious politician. Her weekend at Vernie’s is turning into a rough night when they discover her ex-boyfriend dead in the cupboard. So when You, Me and Him turn up looking for Vern’s hidden valuables, there’s only one thing Tarrant and Servelan can do. Go to bed. Meanwhile….back at the office. After a very long argument about who tracked mud on to the meeting room carpet, the staff of Scorpio Inc. decide to have a Tarrant-free movie marathon; starting with The Italian Job, moving on to Star Trek IV and finishing with Carry On Again Doctor. Dayna’s impression of Jim Dale on a hospital trolley will be the talk of office parties for years.

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