L&O: It's a Columbian cartel bloodbath and Cerreta gets shot


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After the brazen murder of a travel agent, Mike Logan and Phil Cerreta are on the hunt for a Columbian hit man who's "sending a message." During the investigation, Cerreta is shot by a twitchy illegal gun dealer in an undercover sting gone wrong. By the episode's bone-chilling ending, virtually everyone is dead: the travel agent, the wife, the grandmother, the daughter, the gun dealer, the business partner, and even the hit man.

We're talking about one of the great all-time episodes of Law & Order, season 3 episode 8 "Prince of Darkness." Our guest is Brady Carlson from the "Cool Weird Awesome" podcast.

This episode takes cues from the real life story of Jhon Jairo Velasquez.

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