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Theater for the Mind by Wayland Productions

Hello, and welcome to Theater for the Mind. This episode features a very special pilot from my audio writing and audio techniques students at Chapman University called “The Listeners”. More student work to come as we feature other productions from my audio classes. If you’re interested in attending one of my classes, I will be teaching at the USC School of Dramatic Arts this fall with an Audio Drama Production Class, followed by Audio Techniques at Chapman University in the Spring, and Hopefully another session of Writing for Audio, a creation of what you’re about to hear. For those of you interested in my other audio productions, my ten-part epic adventure series We’re Alive Goldrush Launches this September, with a live event in LA on Saturday September 7th. Tickets available at; to join us on the launch of this ground-breaking theater for the mind series.

And with that, we’re ready to begin. Enjoy, “The Listeners”.

"A reclusive young hacker finds herself forced into the spotlight when she decodes a cryptic message and stumbles upon a secret surveillance organization that taps into everyone's microphones and listens to conversations all around the world.

This is the pilot episode of The Listeners. If you are interested in developing or distributing the series, please contact Ryan Good at Thank you."

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