Possessions - 104 Theater for the Mind


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Surrounded by his possessions, a boy struggles to leave the safety of his own home. His outside world is filled with so many uncertainties. While he struggles with his own convictions, the conveniences of modern everyday household items continue to persuade him in both directions.

Written and Directed by Kc Wayland
Produced By: Chris Dole, James Oliva, Kc Wayland, Steve Schneider


James Hussey as the Clock
Jack Terbush As the Boy
Alexis Crystal Harris as the Cat
Joshua Petersdorf as the Door
Emilie Doring as the Phone
Shannon Estabrook as the Fan
John F. Thomas as the TV
Bev Bailey as the Couch
James Oliva as the Game
Laura Riley as the Fridge
Vincent Caso as the Internet
Ari Litman-Weinberg as the Bed
Kc Wayland as the Can Opener
Christopher Dole as the Sink

Sound Recordist: Katie Wayland
Music Composed by: Dani Berkov Hopkins
Sound Designed and Edited by Kc Wayland & Katie Wayland
Assistant Editors James Oliva & Christopher Dole
Script supervisor: Steve Schneider
Casting by Vanessa Knight

8 episodes