Your Senses Are Gates To Awakening (w/Dr. Angelo DiLullo)


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Most of our lives are spent lost in the thought stream. But the senses can be our gateway to unfiltered reality right here and now. All of our shows with Dr. Angelo DiLullo: Angelo's Youtube channel: Links to Angelo's book Awake, It's Your Turn as well as video version and retreat info: Topics: 0:00 Intro 1:49 Awakening as a process beyond conceptual knowing 4:00 What to do when thought intervenes on unfiltered reality 7:01 The paradox of the personal and impersonal 8:50 The paradox of practice vs. non-practice 11:12 Investigating the sense gates: sound and hearing 21:10 The non-dual experience of hearing (JUST hearing) 26:10 The prerequisite role of Self-inquiry in awakening 27:52 Investigating the sight gate: gazing into infinity 33:40 Attuning to subtlety and refining perception 36:52 The importance of “just stopping” 40:11 The end of suffering and living truth investigating itself Your support keeps us independent and mild-to-moderately awesome: Show, podcast, music, support, shop, social media, and email:

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