Aghoris, Mt Kailash, Materialism & more ft. Mayur Kalbag


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Aghoris: Who are they? Why are their practices different? Mount Kailash: The magnitude of Kailash Mansarovar and it's impact on our spiritual growth.The Guru: Shishya relationship, Materialism and lot more. To discuss these varied but connected subjects, we have with us Mayur Kalbag – an inspiring personality, a transformation coach, and the best-selling author of the book ‘Aghori – The Untold Story.' Apart from the topic of Aghoris, Mayur also shared about the existence of higher spiritual beings in the Kailash and about time and space. This episode has everything that you need to experience including spirituality, fear, excitement, and wisdom. Hope this conversation stays with you just as it did to me. 0:00 - Introduction 2:15 - The surprising lighter side of Aghoris 5:20 - Who are aghoris? 13:55 - About Aghori part 2 15:20 - Practices of Aghoris 17:30 - What is Shivatva or Shiva Tattva 21:05 - Characteristics of Aghoris 22:15 - About Mayur's Guru 25:49 - How does one get a guru? 31:05 - Meeting the guru for the first time 33:20 - Can gurus be 1:many? 40:10 - The Kailash Manasarovar experience 43:00 - The chant at Mount Kailash 45:20 - The transformation that happened at Kailash 48:00 - The unlocking of creativity 49:39 - Encounters with the aliens 53:15 - The change after returning from Kailash 57:36 - The funny anti-aging story 1:03:55 - The scent of previous births 1:09:13 - Are you ready for monkhood or sanyas? 1:15:35 - Concept of ‘time’ & spirituality 1:18:50 - Can you spiritual and also be materialistic? 1:26:25 - How are Aghoris and Naga babas different? 1:37:50 - What is enlightenment? 1:43:28 - How to assess where we are spiritually? 1:46:39 - Last thoughts & chanting 1:50:07 - End of the podcast episode

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