Rob McConnell Interviews - PAUL H SMITH, PhD - Department of Defense’s Star Gate Remote Viewing Psychic Spy Program


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Paul H. Smith, Ph.D (Maj., US Army, ret) is a retired Army intelligence officer, Desert Storm
veteran, and a seven-year alumnus of the Department of Defense’s Star Gate remote viewing
(RV) psychic spy program. President and chief instructor for Remote Viewing Instructional
Services, Inc., he is also a founding director and two-time past president of the non-profit
International Remote Viewing Association. His book Reading the Enemy s Mind (Tor/Forge
2005) was a Readers Digest Book Bonus Feature and Editors Choice selection. He is also the author of The Essential Guide to Remote Viewing (Intentional Press, 2015) and co-produced the
“LearnDowsing” and “Remote Perception” home study courses. He earned his Ph.D. from the
University of Texas at Austin in philosophy, focusing on the philosophy of mind, consciousness,
philosophy of science, and philosophy of parapsychology. He also has a BA from Brigham Young University and an MS from the National Defense University (both concentrating in Middle East studies). He has been interviewed frequently by national and international media outlets, including Coast to Coast, CBS News, A&E Network (where he taught Rob Lowe and his sons to
remote view), History Channel, and many more. His website is
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