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Indigo Children - Laura Lee Mistycah has been using and developing new cutting edge healing and recovery methods with her clients for over 25 years. She has become an expert in dealing with such atrocities as: Shove-ins (possessions), Mind Control, Ritual Abuse, Psychic, Organic & Physical Implant Removal, Multiple Personality Disorder, and many facets of Black Magick, Voodoo and Dark Sorcery. Through her research and personal experiences, Laura Lee has had tremendous success in completely clearing these inflictions from her clients. There are several reasons for this unprecedented success, and one is that she uses lightness and humor in all her methods. She is also is assisted by a "Super Intelligent, Inter-dimensional Life Form" of which she has come to rely heavily on for support and protection. This life form's name is "Aurauralite/Aulmauracite, the magical mystical stone of Truth and Justice," and its power is spreading the globe by those who align with it. Many Tesla buffs use this powerful Space Rock with their experiments and devices for added power and stability. Laura Lee is an educator and practitioner in quantum healing, and has taught certification courses in foot reflexology, kinesiology, muscle skeletal balancing, and electro-magnetic skin/tissue debris sweeping. She is also a professional psychic and ghost buster, with clients throughout the globe. Laura Lee is the author of two books, "Kryahgenetics, the Simple Secrets of Human Alchemy" (out of print but coming out soon in E-book), and "Living in an Indigo House, the Heartaches and Victories of First Wave Indigos." She has assisted thousands of First Wave Indigo Adults wake up to their true identities as real life X-Men and Women and helped them turn-on and turn-up their psychic abilities and powers. Currently she is working on 2 more books, "Got Ghosts??? A practical guide to ghost busting" and "The Anatomy of the Porn Vibration, (what they DIDN'T teach you in Sunday School!)", which reveals silent financial backers and promoters of this seductive and addictive insanity, that sucks its victims into a black hole of destruction...all for greed, money and power!
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