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Mind Control Expert About Polygamist Raid In Texas - Dr. Wil Horton is the author of the ground breaking book "Mind Control: How to Get Others to Do What You Want". Dr. Wil has trained hundreds in the art of mind control techniques and has personally hypnotized over 50,000 people! As a hired expert witness by the state of Florida, Dr. Wil has helped prosecute a major case involving hypnosis and is a leading expert in the field of subconscious communications. Dr. Wil has won multiple awards in the field of hypnosis, including 'Presenter of the Year' from the National Guild of Hypnosis, 'Educator of the Year' from the International Association of Counselors and Therapists, and the highest award given by the Hypnosis Hall of Fame. Dr. Wil is also an Army vet and Naval Reservist, holds two black belts in Karate, is an FBI trained crisis/hostage negotiator and is a respected author on hyponsis. His book Primary Objective: "NeuroLinguistic Psychology and Guerrilla Warfare," a psychological thriller with mind control at its core, has been optioned to be made into a feature film.
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