Rob McConnell Interviews - DR, MITCHELL GIBSON, MD - Gave Up Medical Licence and Became a Spiritual Healer


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Mitchell Gibson claims that he had his first ghost experience at the age of 7; Mitchell Gibson claims that claims he had his first UFO sighting at the age of 6 and has continued to have UFO sightings throughout his life; Mitchell Gibson claims, that before he left the medical profession as a psychiatrist, that a patient of his stated that his wife called him and told him that his dead father was in their home. The patient drove two hours to get home, and upon his arrival, his dead father was eating at the table, with the son and wife of the patient, who is a linebacker on a professional football team. Dr. Ginson said that he saw photos of the father, who had been dead for 8 years, with the patient (the football player), his wife and son. Gibson also claims to have communications with the Egyptian deity Thoth, Gibson was not impressed with my questioning his statements. A must listen to interview.
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