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Dean Tong is an internationally noted author, certified forensic consultant, certified child forensic interviewer and expert witness, concentrating in the areas of high-conflict divorce, child custody, abuse accusations, albeit, sexual or physical child abuse, domestic violence, et al, Parental Alienation, and Sexual Allegations In Divorce (SAID). Mr. Tong has tendered testimony as an expert witness in cognitive child developmental psychology and best practice forensic child interview methods, as well as the handling/mis-handling of protective investigations by CPS and the Police et al. He has tendered and testified as an expert witness in civil and criminal court cases from 15 States in the USA and was retained as an expert by a law firm in Surrey, British Columbia, Canada in a case of alleged repressed memory which was tried in February 2007. Courts have accepted Tong’s testimony in the areas of cognitive child developmental psychology; best practice methodology of forensic child interviews of children allegedly abused on DVD, Video, Audio, or transcript; signs and symptoms of truly abused versus non-abused children, source monitoring and proper versus improper CPS/ Police child abuse investigations, SAID, Parental Alienation, Malingering or Munchausen By Proxy or Factitious Disorder, Sexual deviancy/interest testing and profiling, de facto/de novo Sexual Abuse Treatment Program (SATP) counseling, and critique of child custody evaluations and reports.
He has consulted on protracted divorce, custody and abuse-related cases for 25 years. He's worked Court cases from all 50 United States. And his services have been granted by Judges in several Juvenile Dependency and Criminal Court cases across America who don't have the financial means to bring him into a case so the Courts order The State to pay his fees.
Of significance to protective parents and mothers who have lost child custody or may lose child custody in the future due to alleged false allegations of abuse, coaching, parental alienation, or Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy (Factitious Disorder by Proxy) or Malingering, et al Mr. Tong has been retained to assist like mothers and their attorneys in several of these cases, nationally. Please visit and type in Dean Tong in the search box. Dean Tong was a media commentator during the trials and tribulations of Kobe Bryant (2004 - MSNBC), and Michael Jackson (2005 - FOX News and Court-TV). Tong has additionally appeared on Dateline, ABC Prime Time Live and CBS 48 Hours. He has authored 3 books, a scientific peer-reviewed journal article, and contributed book chapters and a Foreward in other published works.

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