Rob McConnell Interviews - BARB BORKOWSKI - The Healing Journey of an Animal Communicator


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Barb Borkowski's healing journey began while she was working in Ohio as a nurse. A car accident resulted in chronic pain. Massage therapy provided relief. Barb attended school and received a massage therapy license by the Ohio State Medical Board. While having a massage therapy business, Barb studied energy therapy including Reiki. She completed all three levels in 1995. Barb's experience in providing energy therapy for people for 15 years led to helping animals, children with special needs and others who cannot verbally communicate. She has assisted those affected by strokes and some who were in a coma. Through touch, she is able to sense imbalances in the person's energy and also offer suggestions that may help to make them comfortable. Barb Borkowski's educational background includes energy therapy, massage therapy and nursing. She has an Ohio nursing license and an Ohio massage therapy license. -
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