How NY Times Bestselling Debut Novelist Ana Reyes Writes


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New York Times bestselling debut author, Ana Reyes, spoke with me about the importance of the writing community, the evolution of a haunting tale from graduate thesis to instant bestseller, and her first thriller “The House in the Pines.”

Ana Reyes is the bestselling author of Reese's Book Club pick The House in the Pines, her debut psychological thriller.

Described by New York Times bestselling author Riley Sager as, "Powerfully eerie and atmospheric, The House in the Pines is a compelling mix of psychological thriller and dark fairy tale."

An Amazon Best Book of January 2023 review also described it as “... an absorbing, cleverly plotted story of female friendship, loyalty repaid, maternal love, and the powerful desire to unlock secrets, even in the face of evil.”

Ana Reyes has an MFA from Louisiana State University and her work has appeared in Bodega, Pear Noir!, The New Delta Review, and others.

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In this file Ana Reyes and I discussed:

  • How her work and process evolved over the seven years to publication
  • Writing through and into the symptoms of withdrawal
  • Why teaching is the best education for writers
  • Weaving cultural heritage and magical realism into her work
  • Embracing the thriller genre
  • And a lot more!

Show Notes:

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