EP 86 - Human Design 101 with Kristen Diaz


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I had an easy flowing chat with Kristen Diaz on the topic of Human Design. She explained it in an easy to understand way and you can be sure that she is very knowledgeable and can tell her level of expertise on the topic.

About Kristen

Kristen helps guide high-level ladies in aligning their work and lifestyles to create space and ease through human design.
Her passion is to help transform lives away from the overwhelm, away from the burnout, away from the half-glass full thoughts towards a lifestyle filled with space to make choices with ease, embody your purpose, and how to create alignment through your day to day routines at work and at home.
While she's helping these high-level women through readings, coaching, and workshops, you can find her traveling and working remote, reading a book or resting, which is KEY for a reflector like herself.

For more information on Kristen, Remotely Balanced, booking a Human Design reading or signing-up for her coaching waitlist, check out her website. remotelybalanced.com

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