Ep 88 - Homeschooling The Kids While Working From Home With Don Abad


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Don Abad joins us in another anecdotal, insightful episode. He shares views concerning his choices in homeschooling his kids while working from home.

He also shares methods he and his wife use to homeschool their kids that would help them learn out-of-the-box thinking, among other skills that would help them thrive as adults but are not found in traditional schooling.

Don explains Homeschooling concepts and methods. He also discusses the trivium concept for homeschooling he intends to adopt, which teaches kids how to organize, articulate, and communicate a thought.

He shares some insight on the Montessori method he and his wife have decided to adopt. He explains the 5 goals of Montessori education: to address a child’s absorbent mind in the 1st six years of life, to focus on different dimensions of the child, to allow freedom of choice and movement by not confining them to a classroom, to let the child decide what they want to learn, and encourage the child’s natural curiosity. He adds that the various approaches or methods can be combined like he is doing. Still, it is crucial to do our due diligence concerning these approaches.

About Don

Don Abad is a creative consultant, speaker, and the founder of Sovereign Stories, which offers post-production solutions for value-focused filmmakers and content creators.

Don is the host of two podcasts. His flagship show, Sovereign, is dedicated to discussing FAITH, FAMILY, and FREEDOM and why we need more storytellers to promote these three pillars of a person’s life.

He and his wife Kimmi also host Your Sovereign Downline, a podcast where they share lessons learned after over a decade in the network marketing industry and their best tips and strategies for building a home-based business in the 2020s.

Aside from working on his businesses and the occasional movie or TV project, Don spends most of his time traveling the world with Kimmi and their bouncy baby boy.



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