Ep 97 - Succeeding as an Encore Entrepreneur with Shelley Carney


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Ever heard of the term “Encore entrepreneur?”

Livestream coach and consultant Shelley Carney introduces them as people, usually middle-aged, who have worked under other employers for long periods and are now ready to start their businesses. Shelley trains Encore Entrepreneurs to master the relevant technology to get themselves on Livestream to connect with an audience.

Shelley shares the importance of showing your face online as an Encore entrepreneur. She also encourages everyone to stop overthinking their appearance and focus on the messages they’re delivering.

She discusses what one needs to start live streaming: high-speed internet and a good quality computer or phone. She mentions the popular live stream platforms among Encore Entrepreneurs and the multi-streaming platform that she uses to stream content on YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter simultaneously.

She explains how she translates live stream video content to audio and distributes the information through Spotify, Amazon, Apple, and Google, or transcribes it to texts so they can be used as blog posts.

About Shelley Carney

As a livestreaming YouTuber, podcast host and blogger, she shares her Content Consistency Framework with her audience so they can leverage their time, talent and content to expand their brand's reach around the world.

She has been livestreaming presentations and interviews for the past 7 years and she finds great joy in sharing her methods with others. Shelley would love the opportunity to participate in friendly conversations that enlightens and uplifts everyone.


Website - livecast.life

Content Consistency Framework - framework.agkmedia.studio

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