Ep 96 - How to Market Your Business Inexpensively with Brian Winch


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Our guest today is Brian Winch, the owner and founder of CleanLots. CleanLots was a side hustle he started 41 years ago. He has built it into a full-time business that he continues to operate today. He joins us on this episode to discuss how to grow and market your business without breaking the bank.

For Brian, the first step to building a sustainable business is to like what you’re doing. He shares how this helped him continue CleanLots even when he had questions about his future. He also shares what he did to grow his business and discusses resources that helped him do this - from libraries to the internet.

He talks about the free marketing techniques he used to gain clients and earn a six-figure annual income and ways small businesses can take advantage of these techniques today. He also gives tips on balancing side hustles with your primary source of income and how to transition fully to your side hustle. In his book CleanLots Operations Manual, he shares his business secrets. Brian promises free business support to those who purchase it.

About Brian

Brian grew a simple side hustle that he started in 1981 into a profitable business that he still operates today. He had little money, education and skills but plenty of passion, patience and persistence. Brian shares his tips and experience on how to start a side hustle and grow it on a shoe-string budget.


Website cleanlots.com

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