Ep 94 - The Value of Customer Experience for Business Longevity with Alex Oliviera


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Why do you think presents are wrapped with bows and packaged with cards? It’s all for the experience of the products.

Over 5 million businesses were launched in America last year, yet, research has shown that 86% of businesses will fail after 5 years. Aside from the demand for products, a significant reason for that is poor customer experience.

Alex explains how we need to come to terms with algorithms of the digital age: visibility and customer referrals through great customer experiences. He advises business owners to think through their past customer experiences and analyze how it was packaged to make us feel happy to pay for the service. He mentions how slowing down with creation or delivery allows us to give the best results.

Finally, he emphasizes how the cost of acquiring new customers is way higher than keeping them.

About Alex

As a transformative leader of multiple successful companies, Brazilian-born Alex Oliveira has helped companies advance their brands by executing interactive marketing campaigns for over 12 years. From SMB's to Fortune 500 brands like Ford & Allstate, Alex enjoys a diverse portfolio of clients.

Alex’s major passions include adventuring with his wife and 4 kids, investing in startups, and giving back to the community.



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