Ep 90 - Introversion Dynamics with Jenny Toh


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Jenny Toh is a lawyer as well as a certified and trained life coach who trains introverts to be more visible in the workspace while still remaining authentic. She discusses how to leverage your introversion in the workspace.

Jenny explains the difference between introverts and extroverts as team members and leaders in the workplace and the importance of an introvert in contributing to the team.

She shares how she uses her ability as an introvert in her coaching career to understand her clients’ problems beyond the words used.

She also explains how overthinking can prevent introverts from taking action, and she discusses specific actions that introverts can take to perform better at work.

About Jenny

Jenny is an ICF ACC coach who is the director of River Life Coaching Pte. Ltd., her life coaching practice where she coaches individuals to define success on their own terms personally and professionally. Jenny is passionate about empowering introverted women to remain authentic. She is also a lawyer and a mother of three living in Singapore.


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