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Hey everyone, we don’t have a guest for this week, instead I’m going to update you on what's been going on in the Woodpreneur and Acres of Timber Universe.

Overall, it's been really, really exciting! I'm so pumped up right now with all of the progress happening in the wood business community.

Website Launch & Woodpreneur Vision

Later this month in June, we're going to do a website launch party for Woodpreneur Life! The idea is to have something like a zoom call where everybody can hop in. There are going to be some giveaways, we’ll hear from some people, and it's going to be a really good time! We would definitely like some folks to check out the website because we put in a lot of work and it has come out really well.

The vision we have for Woodpreneur Life is to be like the Forbes, Business Week or Entrepreneur Magazine for Woodpreneurs and the wood business community. We have articles, all of our podcasts, links to our courses, resources, and we even have our shop on there. It is honestly something I'm very proud of, so go to to check that out and get a first look before the launch party!

Our blogs focus on everything from how to produce good, consistent content to how to prioritize your business and everything in between. We also feature videos from other collaborators in the industry as well as Woodpreneur of the Week Spotlights.

On the networking side of things we have a Facebook Group called Woodpreneur Life, a Facebook Page, a YouTube channel and a couple of really cool IG accounts: @acresoftimber @woodpreneurlife.

Some people wonder, what is a Woodpreneur? It means a lot of different things but to me at the core, it is a new generation of wood business owners. We're makers, we're creators, we're entrepreneurs and we're also community leaders. We are people that are constantly putting ourselves out there, who have pride in our community and pride in our work.

There's no competition, we like to cooperate with other people, we collaborate. We're inventive and sustainable, and we are members of this incredibly rich community. That’s a Woodpreneur.

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