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Today’s episode of the Woodpreneur Podcast features Steve Larosiliere sitting down with Pete of PeteSquared who is based in San Jose, California. Steve starts out the show by asking Pete how he became a Woodpreneur.

“So I've always been making things. I was an artist A long time ago, I guess I still am. But my dad is a crazy woodworker guy. And he's done it pretty much all his life. And just seeing his tools and seeing his process and the things he's built around the house. When I got older, I kind of needed a release from working in tech.

About two years ago, I left Apple and just needed something to do and needed something to feel good about, you know. So I just started you know, tinkering around in the garage working on stuff, building stuff for around the house. And it's evolved into doing this.”

  • Pete Parisi

Pete spent about 20 years in video games as a 3d artist building environments and characters special effects for games like Age of Empires and Halo Wars. He explains that 3d modeling in 3d Studio Max or Maya has inspired the style he’s doing now.

Steve notes that Pete’s style is very intricate, and asks why he’s picked plywood to work with in particular. Pete explains that he’s not tied to that particular medium, but it has many advantages in that it’s easy to make small and big parts due to its versatility and strength.

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