#082 The 9 Types of SPIRIT GUIDES | UPDATED!


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In today’s episode I will talk about the 9 types of Spirit Guides, who they are, what their role is and when you should call upon them.
This is an update to a previous episode I did, when I was only doing audio podcast. In that episode, I talked about 6 types of spirit guides, mostly because they were the 6 types that I've personally worked with or had some kind of connection to. BUT, today I'm adding an updated take on the 6 types AND adding 3 new types that I hadn't mentioned.
00:00 - Intro
02:58 - 1. Deceased Loved Ones
06:00 - 2. Ancestors
08:03 - 3. Ascended Masters
09:46 - 4. Angels
12:50 - 5. Star Beings
14:46 - 6. Spirit Animals
18:08 - 7. Plant Spirit
20:17 - 8. Nature Spirits
21:50 - 9. Deities a.k.a Gods & Goddesses
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