#064 CHRISTINE DAY | The Pleiadian Ambassador


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Christine Day has become internationally renowned as the Pleiadian Ambassador for Earth. She is a spiritual teacher, healer and channel, and the author of three books: “Pleiadian Initiations of Light”, “Pleiadian Principles for Living” and “The Pleiadian Promise”.
Christine is working directly with the Universal Galactic community and the Galactic council through the recently constructed Galactic Receiving Station on her land in Grand Marais, MN.
We talked about:

  • her spiritual awakening and healing journey
  • her first encounter with a Pleiadian ship and who they are
  • the "split", an energetic shift that's occurring during these last months of 2021 onto 2022, according to the Pleiadians
  • the multidimensionality and power of our heart space
  • the language of light
  • Q&A from the audience: - "Are The Pleiadians the angels that were spoken of in the bible?" - "Are we in 5D and do the Ps ever give you a timeframe or dates?"

Christine presents 3-Day Pleiadian “live” online Seminars. She releases a Podcast each month, writes a monthly column, “The Pleiadian Message” and regularly offers a video Pleiadian Broadcasts all of which are available under Free Resources on her website. There are a series of Online Video Courses, and a wide range of material for a direct experience of her work with the Pleiadians at 👉🏼 https://www.christinedayonline.com
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