TWL 1109: "And Just Like the Movies", by Pippa Bailey


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Welcome to The Wicked Library for our season of Sci-Fi Themed Horror.
Author: Pippa Bailey
Storyteller: Erika Sanderson
Host: Meg Hafdahl
Featuring a custom score by Nico Vettese, of We Talk of Dreams.
Story Summary:
Noelle and her far more scientifically gifted friend Zuri, love to get drunk on Fridays and watch their favourite movies. But when Zuri creates a device that allows them to experience film in a WHOLE new way, Friday Movie Night takes an unexpected turn.
Their favourite film The Madness Beyond will never be the same again and neither will they. There’s horror, death, bad accents, and a giant snake.
Warning: The Wicked Library is a horror fiction podcast created for a mature audience. Our stories contain graphic descriptions of pain, murder, violence, blood, betrayal, and inhumanity; monsters win, people die, and hope is often shattered. There is also beauty, heart, catharsis, and raw emotion. Fear may be deeply personal, but we all share it.
If at any time a story takes you to a place too dark, turn on the lights, press pause, or press stop. And always remember, that unlike in the real world, these nightmares, and your participation in them, are under your control.
Producer & Showrunner: Daniel Foytik
Producer: Meg Williams
Lead Editor & Executive Producer: Scarlett R. Algee
Creative Director & Executive Producer: Jeanette Andromeda
Resident Composer & Executive Producer: Nico Vettese, of We Talk of Dreams
Hosted by: Meg Hafdahl
Artwork: Jeanette Andromeda
Score & Incidental Music: Nico Vettese
Main Theme: “The Library Awakens” Nico Vettese
Final Audio Mix: Daniel Foytik, 9th Story Studios LLC
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