Making Bitcoin Legal Tender in the USA with Bryan Solstin (WiM179)


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Bryan Solstin is a U.S. Senatorial Candidate running from the State of Washington. In this conversation we explore how Bryan intends to fight for Bitcoin to become legal tender, impose a zero tax law & discuss how these changes would help American citizens & decrease warfare.

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00:00:00 “What is Money” Intro
00:00:08 Learn about Bitcoin with Swan Private at SwanPrivate.Com
00:01:37 How did Bryan get into a Political Career & Bitcoin?
00:04:43 Losing Tolerance for other Crypto Projects
00:08:28 Privacy Technology & the Risks of CBDC's
00:12:12 Is Decentralization the Main Attribute to Bitcoin Success?
00:17:02 If Elected, How will you use Bitcoin?
00:19:37 Introducing Bitcoin as Legal Tender & Zero Tax
00:25:26 Watch "Hard Money with Natalie Brunell" From Swan Studios & Bitcoin Magazine
00:26:12 Take Control of Your Healthcare with CrowdHealth
00:27:21 Thoughts on adding Bitcoin to U.S. Treasuries
00:30:59 Learning about the Issues with Central Banking
00:33:42 Building a Bitcoin Community & Bitcoin Content
00:34:59 How do you answer the question, "What is Bitcoin?"
00:41:15 What does "Reforming the Broken Monetary System" look like?
00:45:11 Starting War for Control of the Money Printer & How Bitcoin can decrease Warfare
00:48:47 Information on Bryan's Campaign
00:50:36 Where to Find Bryan's Work
00:52:56 "What is Money" Outro

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