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JOHN J. TENG, PE, MSCE - Story-view will touch your heart!

John J. Teng is the author of 'Hero Mindset', a book that provides a 'map' to help reframe the challenges of one's midlife as an epic Hero's Journey instead of a greek tragedy, and is the Founder of LIVXTRA, a digital publication that inspires men and women to live their lives to the very max!

After a long a beautiful conversation with John, I created this 20 minute story-view. I hope you will be entertained, inspired, and brings your life value. The storyview TM is a condensed personal retrospective from the Author, so I included a more detailed explanation here of the book. The Hero Mindset will help shift your perspective from being that of a “victim of circumstance” when traumatic difficulties arise, to instead realizing that your challenges can represent the beginning of an epic hero’s journey that you can embark upon. To accomplish this, the Hero Mindset will provide you with a very powerful yet simple-to-understand “map” that will help safely guide you through the seemingly insurmountable obstacles in your life, avoid the potential pitfalls that still lay in front of you, and arrive at the most meaningful and fulfilling “destinations” you could ever have dreamed possible!

o Midlife Myths that trip people up, and how to reframe your midlife years powerfully.

o Finding Balance and staying sane while keeping so many 'plates in the air' such as one's romantic relationship, children, social life, physical health, finances, peace of mind, and more!

o Sex, and how it can be as good if not better than when you were younger!

o Cosmetic Procedures, and if they're just the product of a midlife crisis, or a way to keep one's self-image high!

o Controlling Your Power, and what John calls 'The Hot Zone', where those in their midlife years can get themselves into dangerous situations (re: affairs, abusing subordinates, etc) where they risk all that they've worked so hard to achieve... and how to avoid them.

o Making Changes personally or professionally by taking stock of where you are in your life, where you want to go, choosing a destination, and causing a Midlife Transformation!

o Powerfully reframing common midlife transitions such as Unfulfilled Expectations, Longing to be Young Again, and Health and Body Changes.

You can find John's book on Amazon and in Kindle Format, which I highly recommend. Amazon

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