Weekend Wrap16th January 2022 Morrison’s blunders see corporations trying to send COVID positive workers back to work, Djokovic exposing the flaws at immigration & WA prepares for Omicron


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Ben Davison gives a wrap up on the COVID figures for the week and looks at how "mild" Omicron has been able to bring much of Australia into an undeclared lockdown.

Ben looks at the situation in WA as they learn from the failures of the NSW Liberal Party and prepare for re-opening to the rest of Australia on the 5th of February.

Morrison has opened the flood gates to corporations forcing COVID positive workers back into the workplace with Teys abattoir instructing its 140 covid infected staff to come to work in different coloured hairnets. Teys, who supply Woolworths, has apparently earmarked most of the meat for export. Australian Unions are running a campaign #WTFWoolies to pressure the supermarket giant to stop their supplier from making workers come to work infected.

Morrison opened the flood gate by announcing a three priorities framework for allowing exposed workers back to work earlier in the week.

Australian Unions are holding an emergency meeting on Monday to discuss how to deal with the situation

Ben looks at the double standards in applying the framework as dock management company Patrick tries to cancel its workplace agreement to cut workers wages, but in the process would end 24 unloading shifts, without a peep from the Morrison government about the impacts on Australia's supply chain.

And of course Novak Djokovic has ruined everyones weekend (and last two weeks really) with his ongoing anti-vax saga. Today we will find out if a court will keep him in Australia or if Morrison's punitive immigration system can throw out an anti-vax, lying, multi-millionaire friend of foreign governments or just poor, scared, refugees.

There is good news as RATS arrive in Victoria and listeners just like you have been contributing to the Week on Wednesday supporter page.

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