The new politics of abortion


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In a surprise to many, last week Kansas overwhelmingly voted down an anti-abortion ballot initiative. If abortion rights can win in a deep-red state, what does that mean for the midterms this fall? Join Vox policy editor Libby Nelson (@libbyanelson), Vox senior policy reporter Rachel Cohen (@rmc031), and Vox politics reporter Nicole Narea (@nicolenarea) for a conversation about the new state of abortion politics.


Abortion was on the ballot in Kansas. Access won.

Why the Kansas abortion amendment is so confusing

The challenge of turning pro-choice Americans into pro-choice voters

The states pushing abortion ballot measures in 2022 post-Roe

Senate Democrats slowly consider their options after Roe


Libby Nelson (@libbyanelson)

Rachel Cohen (@rmc031)

Nicole Narea (@nicolenarea)


Sofi LaLonde, producer and engineer

Libby Nelson, editorial adviser

Amber Hall, deputy editorial director of talk podcasts

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