IATA's digital travel pass, Hublot watch's e-warranty, Japan's Digital Yen, Bitcoin 401(k)s, and Chainalysis is a unicorn


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The November 24th catch up on what is hot in Blockchain and CryptoAssets brings you the following 6 stories:

  1. In Decentralized Finance news, Ethereum’s deposit contract has achieved the necessary minimum threshold in order to confirm the December 1st launch of Ethereum's proof of stake blockchain.
  2. Chainalysis Raises $100 Million at over $1 Billion Valuation To Expand Its Global Regulatory Platform.
  3. More than 30 major Japanese firms will begin testing a private Digital Yen.
  4. DAiM launches employer-sponsored 401(k) bitcoin retirement plans in the US.
  5. Hublot watches is launching a completely digital warranty stored in the AURA blockchain.
  6. And following on yesterday’s news from Qantas that they will require proof of Covid-19 vaccination to fly, we have the International Air Transport Association's announcement that it is in the final phase of development for its Travel Pass digital health pass.

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