Ep. 26: Bivalent Boosters, Healthcare Masking, Sensible Medicine


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VP and ZD celebrate the return of in-person conferences, lament the challenges of continued mandatory masking in healthcare settings, and talk about better ways to get at truth (yeah, I'm kinda phoning in the summary of this dope discussion this time, just listen already 😂 #quietquitting) Video: https://youtu.be/B7V1RelMXwA Check out our new Substack collaboration, Sensible Medicine: https://sensiblemed.substack.com/ Dr. Prasad's "Plenary Session" podcast: vinayakkprasad.com/plenarysession Dr. Damania's "ZDoggMD Show" podcast: zdoggmd.com/z-blogg More info for Vinay and Zubin at https://lnk.bio/zdoggmd and vinayakkprasad.com/bio

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