Ep 121 Johan Slabbert CEO MS Amlin: Sustainable profit before growth


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Today’s guest runs a very large Lloyd’s business that in the past seven years has perhaps been the poster child for many of the problems in the London market as a whole. This is a previously star business that lost its way. It has had to retrench, contract and remediate to re-discover itself in the past three years. Johan Slabbert is the CEO of MS Amlin and has been at the Lloyd’s carrier for two years and in the CEO role for 18 months. He is a seasoned executive, into his third decade of experience and gives the impression of someone who is a very solid and safe pair of hands. He is also very likeable, very transparent and exudes trustworthiness. Our discussion is very frank and sometimes almost blunt. I find this really healthy, and feel lucky that we can have this conversation at all. Now that MS Amlin is beginning to emerge from darker times and has posted a profit for the first time in many years, Johan permits himself an occasional glance towards potentially better prospects ahead. But the roots are very firmly planted in the ground. As a consequence I don’t think you will hear a more honest assessment of the state of the market and the opportunities and challenges it presents anywhere else. LINKS We thank our naming sponsor AdvantageGo: https://www.advantagego.com/

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