135 - Dan Nguyen - Artist Musician aka Demonslayer


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Dan Nguyen is a Vietnamese American artist, creative director and music producer / DJ. Born and raised in Southern California and Saigon Vietnam, the multi-disciplinary artist grew updrawing surreal worlds influenced by a myriad of concepts, such as 70s LP artwork, obscure zines, nostalgic rave, graffiti, and US Asian culture.

Continually pushing ideas and honing crafts, Dan maintains a delicate balance between personal and client based creative projects. He releases records and performs live as Demonslayer, curates and produces events and happenings all over the globe, designs and paints murals, daily involvement in multitude of tasks grounded in ideology and creation.

Dan’s music and production journey has taken him on stage twice at Coachella, in addition to touring and jamming all over the world. His artwork continues to be adorned internationally on products, apparel, gallery walls and buildings, etc. His work, in its many forms, promotes self awareness, unlocking hidden potential and uplifting various marginalized communities.

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