Season 6 Episode 6: Bishop Andrew Rumsey


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Today we travel across the pond to the United Kingdom we welcome Bishop Andrew Ramsey, Bishop of Ramsbury. Bishop has a brand new book titled ENGLISH GROUNDS: A PASTORAL JOURNAL
In this journal of short, lyrical reflections, bishop Andrew takes the reader on an exploration of faith, place and identity. Focusing on his home in Wiltshire, as he arrives to take up an ancient role in a testing time, English Grounds is both an affirmation and critique of England’s Christian heritage. Together the essays challenge us to think more deeply about the place of the Church in the consciousness of the English, and the place of England in the consciousness of the Church.
The implications for the importance of place in the church of England are equally important for those of us in the church the world over. Today we are excited to celebrate and discuss the theology of place.
This podcast was recorded on February 9th, 2022.

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