Season 5 Episode 20: Dr. Miguel A. De La Torre


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In this episode, we welcome associate professor of social ethics at Iliff School of Theology, Dr. Miguel A. De La Torre. A religious scholar, author, and ordained minister, De Le Torre was born in Cuba months before the Castro Revolution. He and his family migrated to the United States as refugees when he was an infant. He had a successful real estate business and at one point ran for state legislature under the Republican banner. Dr. De La Torre walked away from that life to study theology. He is an ordained minister with a Ph.D. in social ethics from Temple University his writing focuses on ethics within contemporary U.S. thought, specifically how religion affects race, class, and gender oppression.
Dr De La Torre has authored numerous articles and over 40 books,. He’s released six this year alone.
This manifesto is an evangelical book reaching out to and seeking the salvation of people of colour who carry the weight of indignity, whose very humanity has been denied by whiteness. It’s a call to those who are wary of racism and heavily burdened by ethnic discrimination. And if by chance those who are melanin-challenged, those who have also lost their own humanity by depriving humanness to those on their margins, were to discover their own salvation, then fine. De la Torre says he will celebrate this unintended consequence.
This podcast was recorded on November 30th, 2021

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