199 - How to Stop Self-Destructive Behavior with Actor Ethan Suplee


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Ethan Suplee is an actor who is known for his roles on TV shows like Boy Meets World and My Name Is Earl as well as movies like American History X, Blow, The Wolf of Wallstreet, John Q, and Remember the Titans.

In many of his acting roles, Ethan was morbidly obese. But food wasn’t his only addiction. He struggled with addiction to drugs and alcohol as well.

After being told that he was going to die due to the severity of his health issues stemming from his weight and addiction, Ethan decided to try and get healthier. He went to rehab, lost hundreds of pounds, and took control of his health.

Some of the things he talks about are how he stopped engaging in self-destructive behavior, how he continues to combat self-hatred, and the steps he's taking to improve his life one step at a time.

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