Episode 101: KORG Presents: Monarchs and Other Maladies, or: 9/11 Buys Itself a Drink


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Goooooooooooood morning gang! Jeez, where did the last two months go? Beats me, but I decided to make up for lost time with friend, 'caster and overall man of culture @edwardodell, who dropped by for a chat. Come along on a magical journey as we talk about the end of an epoch (dead queen), the joy of convincing physicians that you're not crazy and a whole whack of other things. And yes, to properly pay our respects I busted out the sampler AND the FM unit. Major thanks to @edwardodell, be sure to listen to the Nice Pilled Podcast, wherever fine audio is distributed. @vander_iam iamhowardvander@gmail.com

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