187: Couch Conversations With Evan Ryan Ringler: Learnings From Marriage And Rhythms For Healthy Partnerships


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Marriage is not the end-game for many relationships. It is where the journey actually begins. In an age where many marriages fall through the roof, how can you fight the statistics and maintain a healthy and long-lasting relationship with your life partner? In this Couch Conversation episode, Thane Marcus Ringler and his wife, Evan Ryan Ringler, share learnings and advice from their own partnership and marriage. They catch us up on some of their experiences, challenges, and how they each help the other in their relationship that so many other couples can relate to, showing that what is most personal is most universal. Tackling communication, conflict resolution, growth in the relationship, faith in God, and more, Thane and Evan paint us a clear picture of what it takes to keep a marriage within that loving place while also encouraging growth. Listen in to learn more.

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