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Today's topic is PR...

PR or "earned media" is very attractive. Authentic content and engagement that you dont have to pay for. Its like SEO for press.

Sounds great? So why isn't everyone doing it? Because it's hard and expensive.

As the host of a moderately successful podcast, I get a lot of pitches from PR firms and they're mostly awful. Or we've had clients hire PR firms and feel like they flushed $10K/mo down the toilet.

So how do you do it right? Like many things, the answer might be Do It Yourself, at least at first.

The attraction is clear. Who wouldn't want to be featured in Wirecutter, GQ, Engadget, Techcrunch, Forbes, CNN, Wall Street Journal, or even huge YouTube channels like iJustine. Our guest today has, and he's going to tell us how to do it.

Our guest today has been doing PR for eight years as part of his role at NOMAD GOODS. We're joined by listener & recurring guest Chuck Melber. During his tenure at Nomad he has established a strong foundation in advertising, email marketing, affiliate marketing, PR, and influencer marketing.

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