Ep. 58 - Will Pye - Author, Speaker, Non-Duality, Philosophy, & Plant Medicines


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Hey everybody! Episode 58 of the show is out. In this episode, I spoke with my friend Will Pye. Will and I met many years ago when we both came down as guests to the Amazonian plant medicine center, The Temple of the Way of Light. I found myself in many discussions with Will over meals, and I knew and saw he had a great mind with a lot to share. I was fascinated by his journey of being diagnosed with a brain tumor, and how that was shaping and opening him to see life in unfolding ways. Will has a beautiful ability to draw upon many spiritual traditions and find meaning and clarity around them. We got into a quite deep philosophical discussion about many topics around spiritual traditions including plant medicines, and just about life in general. I had no doubt this conversation would go long, and I think you all will get a lot out of this episode as Will has a truly special mind. As always, to support this podcast, get early access to shows, bonus material, and Q&As, check out my Patreon page below. Enjoy!

"As a young man Will’s wish to end suffering and a deep yearning to know Truth fuelled years of intensive spiritual exploration. Much Zen practice, energy healing, shamanic exploration, yoga, Qi Gong, philosophical study and scientific research led to a naturally cured depression and awakening. At 31 a brain cancer diagnosis served as initiation into living in service of healing, transformation and awakening.

Since then Will has left behind a successful business to serve as a Transformational Coach, Speaker, Author and Spiritual Entertainer…

Will can also be found handing out Love Letters to strangers as part of a global movement of love and awakening he founded – The Love & Truth Party: (www.loveandtruthparty.org) and also hosts the popular podcast The TruthLover: (www.loveandtruthparty.podbean.com)

Will is author of the critically acclaimed book, Blessed with a Brain Tumor: Realizing it’s all Gift and Learning to Receive. His second book is The Gratitude Prescription: Harnessing the Power of Thankfulness for Healing and Happiness (2019 New Harbinger)”

For WIll’s full bio, visit: https://www.universewithinpodcast.com/podcast/will-pye

For more info about Will and his work, visit: https://willpye.com

This episode is sponsored by the Temple of the Way of Light: https://templeofthewayoflight.org/

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