Ep. 51 - Leah Dietzen - Horse Therapy, Animal Relationships, Plant Medicines & Integrity


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Hey everybody! Episode 51 of the show is out. In this episode, I spoke with my friend Leah Dietzen. Leah and I met in the Sacred Valley of Peru where she has been living and working. Leah works as a pranic healer, animal communicator, and with horse integration therapy. I have always had an interest in and draw to horses and so it was a pleasure to sit down and speak with Leah about her work and the power and connection that working with horses and animals can bring. We went into her work and how it integrates with other practices such as plant medicine work and pranic healing. I found it to be a deep and insightful conversation. I hope and imagine you all will get a lot out of this episode. As always, to support this podcast, get early access to shows, bonus material, and Q&As, check out my Patreon page below. Enjoy!

"Leah Dietzen currently lives in the Sacred Valley of Peru where she offers Integration Horse Therapy, online Pranic Healing, Animal Communication and Training.

She has a veterinary assistant degree, trained at a high-end dog kennel helping train guard dogs and aggressive dogs. She then studied Animal Behavior and Neuropsychology at the University of Washington before a car accident took her on an alternate path. A near-death experience opened new realms of spiritual awareness and she has spent the last 11 years studying and learning with master teachers of spirituality, energy, and plants from all over the world.”

For more info about Leah and her work, visit: https://www.leahdietzen.com/ and on Instagram @leah_dietzen

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