Ep. 49 - Bill Park - Permaculture, Matsés and Indigenous Wisdom, & Climate Solutions


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Hey everybody! Episode 49 of the show is out. In this episode, I spoke with my friend Bill Park. Bill and I met in the Peruvian Amazon about a decade ago. Bill created an Amazonia superfood company that works with indigenous communities and aims to empower them and preserve and regenerate the biodiversity of the jungle. He also started an NGO, Acaté Amazon Conservation, that works with the Matses community, aimed at “preserving the Amazon Rainforest in partnership with its protectors.” I had the opportunity to visit the Matses with Bill, working on a project of creating a plant medicine encyclopedia in Matses, by the Matses, and for the Matses. I learned a lot on that trip and have a lot of respect for Bill and the projects he is working on and the knowledge that he has. I think Bill is putting real solutions into action and I always enjoy talking to him. I consider Bill a philosopher in the truest sense and he has a lot of wisdom to share. I hope and imagine you all will get a lot out of this episode. To support this podcast, get early access to shows, bonus material, and Q&As, check out my Patreon page below.

"Bill brings a strong understanding of sustainable agriculture and natural products to Acaté. His interest in ecological agricultural practices and agroforestry was strengthened during his years living in Perú and exploring the Amazon. Bill is co-founder of Eco Ola, a company based in Perú that is pioneering application of permaculture techniques to revitalize eroded and abandoned areas of deforestation. As Acate’s Co-Founder and Director of Acaté Perú, Bill believes that strengthening local economies and providing choices for renewable resources in conjunction with the local communities is a critical element for conservation. His relationship with the Matsés began in 2003.”

For more info about Bill and his work, visit: https://acateamazon.org/ and https://www.eco-ola.com/

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