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What happens when best friends start a business, with little preparation, scarce resources, but a lot of big ideas and energy? It is not always smooth sailing, but according to our guest this week, that's all part of the fun of entrepreneurship. This week's guest is Doug Weisz. Doug is Owner/General Manager of Evergreen Subaru, in Auburn Maine, and, not coincidentally, Mike's best friend for 40 years. We discuss several keys to making a career pivot, and managing through the stress and uncertainty of a startup. Doug talks about the pros and cons of getting into business with friends, and talks about the need to develop healthy habits for stress reduction. He also gives us some great insights into the challenges of managing a retail business amid the coronavirus pandemic. You can take a look at Doug's business at www.evergreensubaru.com We love to hear from our listeners, send us your questions, comments, and suggestions at bela.and.mike@gmail.com - we will answer your questions in a future episode. Thanks for listening, Bela and Mike --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/bela-musits/message Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/bela-musits/support

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